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    1. 我公司主要生產無機保溫砂漿、;⒅楸厣皾{、珍珠巖保溫砂漿、聚苯顆粒保溫砂漿、硅酸鹽保溫砂漿、硅酸鎂保溫砂漿,歡迎前來選購

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      產品編號 HD-GSM-001
      • 产品说明



      復合硅酸鎂保溫砂漿是由優質海泡石絨、俄羅斯纖維、稀土、硅酸鋁纖維及珍珠巖等多種 耐火材料,填加適量高溫粘合劑精制而成。(產品分為膏狀或干狀兩種) 干固后成封閉微孔,網狀纖維結構保溫材。產品分別有硅酸鹽(鎂)保溫砂漿、海泡石、稀土保溫砂漿。
      Composite magnesium silicate thermal insulation mortar is made from high grade sepiolite, Russia fiber, rare earth, aluminum silicate fiber and perlite and other refractory materials, adding proper adhesive high temperature and refined. (the product is divided into two kinds of paste or dry type) into a closed hole, the structure of the net fiber structure heat preservation material. The products include a silicate (magnesium) insulation mortar, sepiolite, rare earth insulation coating.

      本品具有導熱系數低、粘接強度大、不脫落、不開裂、容重輕、施工 不受設備限制,耐酸、耐堿油的腐蝕,對人體無毒無害,不腐蝕設備等。
      This product has low thermal conductivity, high bonding strength, no shedding, no cracking, light weight, the construction is not restricted by the equipment, oil, acid and alkali corrosion, no harm to human body, no corrosion of equipment.





      首先把設備表面清除干凈,把產品的3-5袋為一組加水進行攪拌成膏 狀(濕料可直接使用)用托板和鐵抹子將設備表面抹一遍,厚度不超過 5mm,干透后再進行第二次涂抹,厚度約為20 mm,按此順序直到要求厚度 為止。表面壓光,然后再作防水,如設備有振動,距保溫層表面約10mm處 增加一層鐵絲網并扎緊,以防時間久后脫落。
      Construction method: first the equipment surface clean, the product 3 - 5 bags for a group of water for mixing into a paste (wet material can be directly used for pallet and trowel) equipment will wipe the surface again, thickness of not more than 5mm, dry after the second smear, about 20 mm thickness. In this order until the required thickness. The surface pressure light, and then make a waterproof equipment such as vibration, from the surface of the insulation layer of about 10mm adds a layer of barbed wire and fastened to prevent a long time off.
      表層防水作法:本廠配有多 種顏色憎水劑,可供用戶選擇。 施工可用毛刷或滾刷兩遍可達到防水效果。第一遍涂刷與第二遍涂刷時間 間隔5分鐘即可,憎水劑內禁止加水或其它化學助劑,其特點耐350高溫 度,耐低溫-100度不結冰,防腐防水抗堿性穩定。 產品特點 1、 導熱系數低,粘結力強,使用厚度薄,為一般保溫材料的40~65%節約 工程成本。
      Surface waterproof method: the factory is equipped with a variety of color and water repellent, can be used for the user to choose. The construction of usable brush or rolling brush two times can achieve waterproof effect. The first time and second time interval of 5 times, the water or other chemical additives, which is characterized by high temperature resistance, low temperature -100 degrees not frozen, anti - corrosion and anti - alkaline stability. Product features 1, low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion, the use of thin thickness, for the general thermal insulation material of the 40 ~ 65% save engineering costs.





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